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Project Description

Our Philosophy

What we believe

How key it is to preserve these stories for the future. Your memories, after all, are a way you hold on to neither the people you love, who you never want to lose them again nor disrespecting them. Un parallel questions-

How can I make departed memories to live long despite they are not with us any more?
How can I give my due respect by keeping their memories eternally?
How can i connect with my disconnected family and others?
How can i praise my forefather who have given us a chance to be part of this beautiful life?
How can I make a emotional difference by paying my deepest respect for what they were to me?

Our Purpose

With our high end values and innovative service, you can easily:

Share your favourite memories and stories
Upload your special photos
Invite others to contribute photos and memories by sharing Tributes
Create and share personalized web link and share among
Get in touch with others who have been touched by similar life experiences via user
Communicate with other users through the site for mutual understanding and support

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