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Our Story


# 1

I left college by 4.55 pm and meet my design team , took same old road back home to my surprise i found traffic normal and wondered whether was it Sunday or any government holiday? while i was in still 2nd gear riding at slower pace which was very closer to road divider Suddenly,with heavy force a auto rickshaw came nearer me and took along ( my bike handle locked with auto) .I screamed and shouted slow down.. slow down.. he didn’t mind to my words and knowingly/unknowingly he just flew me like a fast and furious.

I knew it was happening just in front of my eyes and it was real ,everything just fade away in a fraction of second.

I was calm as i was watching myself falling down from my bike instantly, I was right there seeing myself rolling 3/4 times on road without knowing will i survive again, i was watching my own death happening right in front of own eyes, if i fall right side of road sure thing i would have been found in road divider area.

If i would have fallen left side, sure shoot would have been torn into pieces, if any vehicle passed, It would have been hard to recognize myself in this state of sudden attack,It was 1st April, 2015

Perhaps If something would have happened to me, what am I really left with to share?


# 2

It was month of pain and agony , When I meet with a road accident, I happen to meet one good friend of mine who visited our home. He kept asking about our childhood life and then at one point, I was dumbfounded to a question he asked me ( he asked when did my little sister died), I was ashamed of myself while not giving my friend proper details

Perhaps when someone you love and they depart,what are you really left with to experience bliss?


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# 3

Its been 5 years since my father died in my own arm, facing straight into my eyes. How can I make my next generations to remember details about my Father?
Perhaps what is the one thing which you would like to carry forward when your beloved passes away?


Bottom line

How can I preserve memories of my beloved ?

How can I live a legacy for my next generation to know better about once family history?

I foresee that online memorial sites dedicated to lives of those whom we love and now have lost, would help to bring families together. It would also help our children learn about the lives of their ancestors and preserve memories of them and thus These 3 stories talks about one nearing death experience and after death memory loss which is the primary reason for me to start 6by3 memorial website, a true place where anyone could create free online memorial of their beloved one they have lost

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